Saturday, February 20, 2010

Seeding Garlic, compliment of GB on the Farm

ready for planting to morrow, when I have planed a big day in the garden getting the autum and winter crops planted.

I also got a Horsradis plant from Linda on the Farm, as I lost mine while aeay midt year for

3 1/2 months

My first ever pineapple that I have grown successfully

My Pineapple after the first fruit, very sweet and tasty, but I left it on the plant for ripening a little to long, Gemini told me not to pick it to green!!! that eas a mistake, it wasen't suitable for preserving.

Second lot of miniature Cantaloupe (Rock Melon) for the season. the vine is small and only coves an arear 3 square feet, produces very sweet and tasty fruit the size of a cricket ball.

Garden beds mulched and ready for planting

Friday, February 19, 2010

Well it is time to starting to feeding the log again, it has taken a long tome getting back to normal after 3 1/2 month at the high sea, the Carouse was great,once in a life time, it is to long to bee away from home, Christmas came and went so fast that it felt like we had missed a few months,
having had the northern summer season and straight in to the southern summer, quit daunting.
11 days of planting according to the Moon calender, this weekend will be the great planting time for most of the autumn and winter crops.
the garden has been prepared
treh garden is looking good.