Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spring has sprung!

The Polly tunnel has had its polly cover taken of.
we are the 4th day into spring, the weather has wormed up considerably,
Minimum night temp 16 - 17C., day temp in the high twenties.

we still have quiet a crop of Tomato's both ripening as well as green yet to mature, I have my new plants in and flowering , ready take over when this lot has finished

an other addition to the Cheese cave, "Greek Fetta Cheese Limos style"
I made the cheese at the beginning of the week,
Fetta is easy to make but messy messy.
I only used a little more that 1/2 the recommended Salt which seems sufficient,
Fetta by tradition is very salty, but I tasted my way through the process.

Fetta is ready for use within 5 days and keep well in the fridge after spending 30 days in the cheese cave.
the Cave is set at 10 C where as the domestic fridge is set at 2 - 3 C.,
the cave temp. is for the maturing and the domestic fridge with a much lover temp stops the maturing process.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gardening update for those of my followers that are now gardening in elevated beds,
the cabbage and potato bed is progressing well, hope to pick red cabbage and Brussels sprouts in about 4-6 weeks, and potato in about 6 weeks.

The 2 different species of Avocado that I planted together in the same hole last year has done extremely well, the Haas has put on twice as much growth on and would eventually kill the green one, therefor i have joined them with a graft cut and tied them together about 10 inches above the root graft , this was done about 2 months ago, and the union has taken, the bark is joining them both well, this way they will both feed from the same root system and if weaker root system dies it doesn't matter

here is the garden helper 7 year old Couch a American foxhound cross, we think the cross is a Labrador?, he is a lovely dog and a gentle soul.

Savoy cabbages, 6 week old in new garden bed are forming a head cone , we will be starting to pick them in 3-4 weeks perhaps earlier - the same bed from a distance.
I used the cheapest of Bunnings potting mix , liberally added Blood and Bone meal,
Lawn Dynamic lifters which is a finer granule than the normal chook poo pellets, therefore breaks into the soil almost instantly.
a liberal application of Dolomite Lime and some trace element and sulphate of potash for plant strength and strong health and of course some "Sea Mun Gus"
the Bunnings potting mix has a lot of fine pine bark through it and keeps the moisture in as well as gives good drainage.

same garden bed from a different angle

and here is the loyal gardening companion again, and he gives me a nudge on the leg from time to time to be patted on the head