Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well time to feed the blog again.
I have finished dressing the garden with lucerne mulch.
I chose Lucerne this year mainly because of 3 new veggie beds, the new soil I used has great moister holding capacity and drains well, I added the usual starter nutrients such as Blood and bone, Dolomite, dynamic lifters, Sulphate of Potash for healthier and stronger plants, as well as sweeter fruit, Garnet dust also known as rock dust for all the ancient rock minerals, as well as trace elements and a good dressing of Sea-Mung.

Lucerne mulch is well known for its higher Nitrogen content, as well as trace elements from its very deep root system.

I found that the Lucerne mulch covered a lot more per bale than cane mulch, and in the long run it works out a fair bit cheaper due to the greater coverages, it is a lot finer than Cane mulch and I thing a greater moister protection and cooling for the soil,it will be interesting to see if it last as long as cane mulch.

However the garden is ready for our very hot summer and ready for planting the summer crop such as cantaloupes (I grow the moister one the size of a cricket ball and very sweet) my Pumpkin is up as well as the water melon. and so is the Mango Melon (seeds from GB on the farm)