Sunday, July 4, 2010

I started making a Brie cheese 2 days ago it has shaped up pretty good,
it will stay in a sealed container on a mat for a few days till the rind forms, then it will be wrapped in Camembert wrap for aging about 30 days when it is ready to eat.

I finally made the start of Cheese Making, a couple of weeks ago I got
Ricki Carroll's book on cheese making and all the equipment and cultures etc. to start
the process going, so far I am very pleased with the results, I have made the varieties of cheeses that we prefer and will make an other batch once a month till we get a build up in the Cheese Cave.
Above the milk being brought up to tempurature, I am in a position of a very adequate F. thermometer a friend gave me years ago, he was a Thermodynamic Engineer.

the cheese press in action

the first 3 cheese drying:- plain Gouda, Caraway seed Gouda and Swiss style,
I have since then made Farmhouse Cheddar and Edam.

the 2 Gouda have been waxed ready for aging in the cave