Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Picked a nice crop of Beetroot for pickling

The Blue king Beans and the string less green is starting to crop

The winter crops in the Veggie garden is cropping well
Yesterday I planted some more Carrots, yellow beans. brolotti beans
and transplanted some more Celeriac seedlings as well as some more Leek seedlings

so far I have 2 raised beds, being so successful I will build an other shortly, and a 4th one before summer.

a nice bunch of Kale, it made a delicious meal a couple of days ago

Had a good crop of Cumquat's it made 8 jars of Marmalade

Just picked a huge pineapple 1.6 kg.
also a large Paw-Paw. Pink Singapore crossed with Aust. self pollinating,
it is very sweet and tasty, I cross pollinated this one about 5 years ago, and still takes seeds each year for replanting, it seem to keep its flavour, but is becoming more rounded each year

Gemini measuring up to a massive cask

sightseeing north coast NSW

still vine tasting

Above a Organic/Bio-Dynamic growing vineyard
and vine tasting at Rothberry

Vine tasting at Rothberry

at the Rothberry winery

Lunch time on the way south

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I ma unable to upload the Picture's to day, will try again to morrow
Just come back from a wonderful 10 days trip to the Hunter Valley vineyards.
Gemeni and I drove down to Newcastle with friends, Linda from the farm and GB,
took 4 days sightseeing in the way,
we then had the rest of the week sightseeing in Newcastle and had lunch with Neville our son on Thursday.
Saturday we joined the rest of the Lyrebird Vine club, most flew to Williamstown Airport Saturday morning.
we had a wonderful weekend visiting 12 wineries and did lots of tasting.
left the Hunter Valley Tuesday morning arrived hone Wednesday afternoon