Sunday, March 28, 2010

A new addition to the garden, a tropical Blue berry bush, it will grow up to about 2 meters according to the information tag

some of Gemini's garden creations

the first time that I have had any luck with Grape wines thanks to some advice from GB on the farm.
it is a white Muscat grape, perhaps I will have some fruit next season!!!

the next Pineapple will be ready soon

one of 2 left of the miniature cantaloupes, the wine has died off so I am ripening them in the sun doing the day and taking them in at night to prevent the slugs getting to them at night, it works!!

to day I have fertilized with 3 in one seaweed / Fish emulsion with a Hose-on spray

Thanks Linda on the farm the Horseradish is doing well

the new Cellery seedings is moving allong

5 Coffee bushes in the fernery, being propagated for GB on the farm,
it will be a while yet before they are ready for the plantation.