Sunday, June 14, 2009

The house cat also known as Pushka, in HIS garden , where he spends most of the day sunning him self, in between regular visits to the kitchen for a top up on Cat food

The Passion fruit vine has started to yield its massive crop of extra large very sweet Passion fruit the size of Apples and Oranges.
I planted the seeds a little over a year ago.
I only keep a vine 2 seasons as the yield will be marked reduced at the 3rd season

This is the Orchid that got me all started growing Orchids again,
Gemini bought me this particular one at Woolworths when she was doing the weekly shopping one Friday some twenty years ago.
We were living in a unit at time but as soon as we moved into our then new house at Hervey Bay it was on again and the Orchid fernery started expanding very fast
To the extend it is now.
I enjoy my Orchid growing hobby!!!

an other butiful speciment this one have been in bloom over 2 months

Having received my order of 12 new roses from Trelore Rose nursery in Victoria I have been busy planting as to get them in on the right Moon cycle

Also pruned my established Rose garden and mulched with Sugar cane Mulch ready for the Spring time and the hot Summer as we get here in south Queensland, this is the 3rd season coming on and they have done well on the first 2