Sunday, June 14, 2009

The house cat also known as Pushka, in HIS garden , where he spends most of the day sunning him self, in between regular visits to the kitchen for a top up on Cat food

The Passion fruit vine has started to yield its massive crop of extra large very sweet Passion fruit the size of Apples and Oranges.
I planted the seeds a little over a year ago.
I only keep a vine 2 seasons as the yield will be marked reduced at the 3rd season


  1. Wow your passionfruit look so big and healthy. I thought they were apples. Is there a lot of passionfruit in them because sometimes they can be deceiving and contain more white pith than actual seeds?

  2. I think that my prolific passion fruit vine must have come from a seedling of yours as the fruit looks the same. Last month I commented that I wouldn't know what to do with all of the fruit when they ripened. No problem now as where the deer have stripped the foliage I have lost at least 70% of the fruit! Such is life! I did find that they had less pulp inside than the smaller ones on the other vine though.

  3. There is plenty of very sweet pulp in the Passion fruits, but to achieve that it is important to keep the watering up in the dry season as well as a generous fertilizing with Sulphate of Potash twice yearly, especial at the beginning of flowering, and you will have top quality Passion fruit
    Also I plant a new vine every year as the older once don’t produce as well!!!!