Sunday, May 31, 2009

Daily common remedy
Internally – Horseradish can be used for lung and urinary infections. It is also a helpful herbal remedy for arthritis, sciatica and gout. It can be used for general weakness. This herb is a diuretic and can be used to treat edema. It stimulates the digestion. It has been used to remove worms in children. Some people have used horse radish to treat excessive thyroid activity. The oils of the herb are antibiotic.
Externally – Horseradish poultices will increase the circulation around infected wounds. It can also be used to increase the blood flow for rheumatism, bronchitis and pericarditis. It is useful for arthritis, stiffness and neck pain. Horse radish is regenerative and disinfectant. It can be used on blemished, oily skin and to stimulate hair growth.
Other Uses – Horseradish is a popular spicy condiment used for meats and as an inexpensive substitute in wasabi paste. Young fresh leaves can be eaten in salads.

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