Wednesday, June 24, 2009

These two orchids is mainly cold climate Orchids, and I haven’t had a lot of luck with them.
The Dendrobium I was given for a present many years ago from Pat and Merilyn, very good friends!!!
I managed to get one flower some years ago by watering the pot with chilled ice cold water 3 times a week, what a job.
When we moved back to our renovated ole/new house I simply planted all 4 Dendrobiums in my Gemini’s flower garden in a shady spot, and see what happened and a second one are showing flower spikes, neglect is the answer for these Orchids!!!
The Lady Slipper only flowers on rear occasions well this was a supprice.

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  1. They look stunning. Yes. Neglect works well sometimes. Maybe like us they just need their own time to shine :-)