Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tuesday 7th July
The rolly polly seas have settled down and some people who looked rather green yesterday seem to have recovered. From a management point of view not everything is running as smoothly as it should. Even though we cancelled having $10 per person per day deducted from our account for tips, on getting a print out we found that it was being charged so Jorgen has had a couple of trips to the desk to try and get that sorted out. Some people have had up to 3 key cards before they had one which worked. I got some details on a shore trip to Paris, we plan to do and find that it is 50% more than the advertised price I checked on the internet a few months ago. Before we left we checked with the representative of the cruise line to see if we needed any visas. We were told no. Now on the ship we find out that we do need one for India and some other passengers have been given information suggesting they need them for US and Egypt. Soooo we are trying to sort that hic-up out too. I joined a group and I’m learning to play bridge. Played yesterday morning and afternoon. We are enjoying the food, the wine, the company, the entertainment and the relaxation. Jorgen is doing morning deck walks while I sleep in.

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