Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunday 16th August
Boston: A great city, probably not much busier or bigger than Brisbane. It was another hot day, 31c degrees. We shared a cab with another couple and headed for Quincy Markets. The centre avenue of the building is about 150 meters at least and full of boutique eating stalls with food styles from just about everywhere in the world. Then there was the basement with all sorts of clothes, jewelry, gifts etc., and again outside along either side of the building. We had hot dogs for lunch, Jorgen had the traditional style, which he said was one of the best and I tried the Italian version, which was also pretty good. Then we wandered part of the Freedom train, which covers many of the historic sites and building in Boston. From my school days, I remember learning about the Boston Tea Party. Many of the sites relate to that historic event. I think of Boston as the city of Parks and Statues. They are everywhere there is a little bit of undeveloped space, along with a couple of much larger parks, all within reasonable walking distance. The heat got to us and of course, our advancing senior years so we returned to the ship at about 2pm for a nana nap and to catch up on the ironing while most people were on shore. There’s almost always a cue for the washers, dryers and iron. Having been to Boston on an earlier visit and seeing it again, I still think it is one of my favourite cities in the world. The GD confers that it is one of the nicer cities in the USA. We won’t see land now until we arrive at Ireland on the 23rd August. Time to catch up on my Bridge lessons and any activities the GD takes part in, like cooking demos etc..

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