Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday 27th – Friday 28th August
We left port a little late yesterday (Thursday) as a few of the tour busses that had taken a lot of passengers up to London were late getting back. One of our friends was on one buss which didn’t only have one prang on the way back but two. After the first smash they had to change busses and the second one apparently knocked someone off a push bike. No injuries in either accident but it meant that the buss was about an hour late getting back to the ship. It has been another day at sea. The waves were about 3.5 meters with low to moderate gale force winds. It’s a bit heavy going for the new passengers who joined us at Southampton.

Friday: the seas and the wind have settled down a little today but it’s still cloudy. The temperature is expected to reach 30c degrees today but I’m not sure it will make that. The show last night was two musicians, who played everything from the flute to the bagpipes and a lot of other instruments with a genre which included Spanish/American, celtic, greek, traditional, you name it they played it. They were excellent. Time for me to toddle off to my bridge lesson and the GD is off to the internet lounge to organize our free access that we became entitled to in Southampton. After that it will be time for trivial pursuits and then lunch. Oh! Life’s a drag.

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