Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wednesday 12th August
Another island in the sun – Bermuda. Not a lot here but it just breaths wealth. We didn’t visit any of the beaches which I believe have pink sand. The day is just too short. We bought a day pass for the bus and ferry, then took the Ferry up to the St George tip of the island, about 45 minutes ferry ride. All buildings both old and new have an old world appearance. You can have any colour roofing you like, so long as it’s white. All the buildings, both private residential and commercial, are painted in pastel colours – all very clean and well maintained. Most of the houses are surrounded by large, well maintained gardens. We had a walk around St George and then took the bus back inland to the city of Hamilton with lots of up market shops. We then took another ferry back to the ship and had lunch. The GD needed his afternoon nap, so I headed for the local market in an old stone storage shed. It was also a most fashionable market catering for the tourist trade, all air conditioned, but still rather expensive by comparison to home. There is another big ship in port along from us and there was another one up at St George. The waters are pristine and the people quite friendly. It has just turned 5pm and our ship is due to depart about now. They have been working on the faulty engine on the ship all day and the barge that has been pulled up at the aft end all day working on the ship has left so we hope we’ll have no more delays. We will now have a day at sea before arriving in New York about 7am on Friday.

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