Sunday, May 9, 2010

The veggie garden has started to yield the first of the winter crop:
we have picking bean, and a new lot will soon be ready, also pulling carrots, lots of lettuces, Celery etc., I gave the garden its bi-annually feed of trace elements, my Lemon tree is producing new leaves that with yellow and green veins, I will be giving it an extra dressing of Iron-sulphate,
the rest of the citrus trees is looking fine


  1. I have caught up with my e mail backlog and am now catching up with all of your wonderful posts. The garden looks great (as usual) and what a fantastic idea for Gemini to have her own art gallery. How clever you two are :-)

  2. hej
    jøgen Jeg prøver at svare på din blog
    jeg er tit inde og se hvad i går og laver nede hos jer.
    men jeg ved ikke om det er rigtig det jeg gør så prøv at svare mig Louis.