Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Building an other 2 garden beds, this one is .9 of a meter high
and after that I will build a shallower one .4 of a meter at the end of the existing 2, mainly for cabbage cauli etc. as well as potato and Corn, any thing that needs a little more space, that bed will be done tomorrow.
in between I have made several more varities of cheeses, and below a Danish Havarti,
I have a Danish Blue in the colder fridge maturing, first go I am very pleased, it looks like a Danish Blue and smells like one, I tasted a few crumbs when poking it with the chewier and the taste was there!!!

Danish Havarti Cheese.

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  1. The new beds are looking good. I am looking forward to coming down and seeing the progress. I have put my hand up for a cheese making kit for my birthday so will be pleased to hear any advice you can give me.