Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To day we had a visit from the air-conditioning company to install some diverters plates in the ducting, this has been going on since late January this year, we have 2 systems as the house is rather a long house, one of the systems have been running without any problems, the other one we have had no end of trouble, in the heat of the Queensland summer with high humidity we could not cool our bedroom or my office below 28C on a hot day, the family room and kitchen was fine.

The A/C company changed hand late last year and the new owners just didn't want to know any costumers with a current warranty!!!

We have had 3 visits from the technician without having any thing done, the last visit 6 weeks ago and he said the office will phone you in a couple of days to arrange the installment of the extra equipment, nothing happened, I chased it up again late last week and finally the problem have been fixed, and plenty of air is now coming out of the register in both the bedroom and my office, apparently the system had never been balanced?
lets hope that is the last of it.

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