Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two more Cheeses new variety, I have recently had the coultuer for Danbo and other Danish cheeses brought in by GREEN LIVING AUSTRALIA,it took close to 3 months to get them here due to the Northern hemisphere country's all go on holiday over the northern summer and most factories and businesses close down for that period.
I am very happy with the the outcome first time using the coulture making DANBO cheese and KING CHR.X cheese with caraway seeds using Jersey milk which is the best for cheese making.
This style style of cheese will mature in just 2 months delivering a mild flavoursome cheese, they can be matured up to 8 months with a constant increase of taste to very tasty.
The Chr.X cheese I added some Lipase enzyme to make a traditional stronger cheese.
A number of my hard cheeses has started to show some signs of early maturity and we have been eating some of the first Cheddar, very exciting!!.

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