Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cruise Log.

It’s 4.30 pm Tasman Sea Time Tuesday 30th Nov. Thanks D for driving us to the ship. After finding where we had to embark it took about 1 and ¼ hours to go through customs, board and find our cabin. It’s nicer than the one we spent 3 months in last year. Apart from sleeping and eating, we have been to a couple of trivia sessions and two excellent evening shows. We are dining with two other couples about as young as we are. One couple are actually from Cleveland and go to the Centre where I play cards on Thursday, except they play indoor bowls there. The other couple are from Port Macquarie. At breakfast and at lunch we have also struck a lot of nice happy people. The food is good and too tempting, which means we’ll have to starve ourselves the week we spend at home before the next cruise. The seas have been calm to moderate but it’s pretty windy out on deck. We know we are going south as the temperature is heading the same way. It’s another day at sea today and the tomorrow we arrive in Auckland where we have booked a wine tour.
Will keep you posted as December rolls up, Cheers J & M

Wednesday 1 December 2010
Woke up this morning - already docked in Auckland. Had a leisurely breakfast in the dining room before getting ready to go ashore for our Wine Tasting tour of the Auckland area. We visited Soljans winery and gave a big tick to “Kumeu Pino Gris”. We then moved on to Nebilo Winery and enjoyed “The peoples Chardonnay” as well as “Selaks – The Favourite Merlot”. The next winery we visited was Matua Valley. There were about 4 of their wines which we thought worth looking for in Australia when we get back home. The vineyards here are relatively small. When we got back to the ship, we chose to have lunch in town, which is right at the port. After a bit of shopping for a couple of essentials we spent the afternoon sleeping off the morning’s wine tasting. At the moment – 5.30 pm, we are preparing to sail away. Tomorrow we expect to wake up in Tauranga. We haven’t booked any tours there. Will keep you posted, Cheers the Great Dane and Gemini.

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