Thursday, May 21, 2009

The green harvest of Pawaw's hope they Will ripend!!!
The reserected tree

The daily harvest:- Bulls horn Capcicum, Very sweet
Hous wife Stringless beans brought to Aus in the 1880 s
first stringless beab to aust.
Had a busy day in the garden, managed to get my Paw Paw tree upright again with the help of
3 steel stars posts and tried the, support it looks good.

The snails and slugs have found the lettuces and silver beet after all the rain.

I Mixed 1 part of brewed coffee to 5 parts of water, a good heavy spray of the mixture to any vegetables susceptible to slugs and snails and the Caffeine kills them,
and leaves the garden with the aroma reminding me of a up marked coffee shop

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