Monday, July 13, 2009

Lost Wednesday’s diary info for NZ

Thursday 9th and Thursday 9th

Yesterday was Thursday – a sea day. Spent eating, sleeping, walking, playing cards etc. Tonight night was a formal. In the lift a lady took a fancy to the GD’s bottom – every man in a black suite she must have thought she had hold of her husband but I was observing her hand and GD thought it was me. Amazing things can happen in lifts. The GD has also been stuck in one of the lifts a couple of times too. We’ll give that one a miss in future. Went to a show after dinner and then to the Wheelhouse Bar for a couple of drinks and a dance, then to the Upper lounge for a cuppa and a chat with a couple from our dining table before bed.
The second Thursday 9th spent much the same as the first one. We crossed the international date line last night, which is why we have had two Thursdays. Need to do the washing soon – running out of underwear. Went to trivial pursuits yesterday and today – lots of laughs. Doesn’t this all sound boring?
After dinner we couldn’t get into the show we wanted to as it was full so we decided it was time to do our washing. 1.5 hours later and it was all dry. Have to change our clocks again by one hour.

Friday 10th

Passed a few islands off Tonga this morning and then up to breakfast. Just had lunch and still lots of islands to portside. Just the usual bridge for me, computer for Jorgen and trivia before lunch. Had our Nana nap then went to the wine tasting. Some very nice wines presented including one of our favorites from WA, Brookland Valley Verse 1 Shiraz.

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