Friday, July 17, 2009

Papete Tahiti
Tuesday 14th
Another fine day at sea – finished the washing, always a queue, – tidied the rather small cabin – dinner and another show.

Wednesday 15 July
Well, something different today. Up early and had an early breakfast before the ship docked at Papeete, Tahiti. We had a tour booked to see a taste of Tahiti which was a little late getting away – island time!!! Papeete – forget it – it’s rather untidy – thank goodness the bus we did our tour on was air conditioned as it’s really hot and muggy. I must admit once out of town the scenery is rather idyllic if you don’t look to closely. We had a good tour guide who spoke good English and saw some really pretty beach spots and a very high water fall, along with some of the historical sites on the island. The traffic here is incredible, particularly at lunch time as everyone goes home for lunch and a siesta at midday and return at 2.00pm. There is actually as many cars as people on the island to give you some idea of the traffic jams, very few lights and many round-a-bouts. Pedestrians step onto the road to cross and stop the traffic, which is the rule. The people we spoke to are generally polite. I don’t think we have any wish to return but enjoyed the experience.


  1. Thanks for your honest account of your experience. People do tend to rave on about how "great" these places are without highlighting any of the things you have pointed out. It puts it all into a bit better perspective really. Glad you mostly enjoyed the experience.

  2. thank,s
    Things has a happit to change over time
    Tahiti was a diferent place when I visited 46 years ago on the way from Denmark to Australia to become a New Aussi