Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunrise at Equator

King Neptune ritual
. Friday 17th July
A day at sea, much the same as every other day at sea. Didn’t think the show was up to scratch this night – a female entertainer whose singing was OK but her fill in persona left a lot to be desired

Saturday 18th JulyWe crossed the Equator this morning and the usual Neptune ritual was held later in the day. A full day at sea doing all the usual things we have been doing on sea days, like catching up on the ironing, playing cards, eating, sleeping, reading, other games and shows etc.. Too late – house full at the show we wanted to go to and the other show was a continuation of the previous night which hadn’t impressed us so we just had to slum it at a 50/60’s music bar. Before you know it it’s bed time again

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