Friday, July 24, 2009

Sunday 19th July – Wed 22nd July
I don’t know where the past few days have gone, but I don’t seem to have had time to update the Blog daily. We have been at sea most of that time doing the usual at sea things.
We sailed past Christmas Island – a long chain of uninhabited islands except for the wild life and probably park rangers or scientists (GD spotted a couple of people walking on the beach through the binoculars). Evening entertainment has been excellent as usual. We had a nice day on land yesterday at Honolulu. We took a shuttle bus to Waikiki beach, did a bit of shopping at the supermarket and at the International Market then had lunch at Moana Surfrider resort. It’s an historical colonial building, reminiscent of Raffles in Singapore. We both had the most delicious seafood crepe with hollandaise sauce. We then took a taxi back to the ship, napped and then did the market at the port. We were not terribly impressed with Honolulu on our first visit a few years ago but we both agree that our opinion is now changed and we actually enjoyed our visit this time.


  1. We received your card today :-) Many Thanks. We are enjoying reading about the trip. Was the market at the port a food market or gifty type market? I love fossicking around "real" markets! I'm so glad that you are both enjoying the trip. The settling in glitches seem to have passed. Its all fun from now on.

  2. Markets mainly Gigt Markets!!
    and Gemeni has...been shopping!!!!!!!!!