Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thursday 23rd July
Lahaima, Maui is one of the Hawaiian Islands. It has a huge dormant volcano, I think the last time it was active was about 15 years ago. It’s a pretty place, lots of surfers. The buildings along the seaside of the village look as if they have not changed for many years and have an old world look. Of course as one would expect they are shops selling souvenirs, jewellery and clothing along with a number of galleries. They are all aimed at the tourist dollar. The locals would shop at the shops in the next street, which are more modern and cater for everyday needs. We had lunch at a pub called the “Pioneer Hotel”, and had a New York Steak and a couple of Heinekens as it was such a hot and steamy day. The steak was just the best and cooked perfectly to our liking. Early to bed after dinner, comparing the days events with our fellow diners – exhausted

Friday 23rd July
Another sea day with nothing new happening so for those who like a little bit of history:-
PACIFIC OCEAN – The Pacific was named by Portuguese Navigator, Fernando do Magalhaes, better know to the world as Magellan, on his voyage to the New World in 1520. During his time in the Atlantic he had to deal with extremes of weather, not to mention hunger and mutiny. Upon entering the new ocean he found this great body of water was placid for many days of sailing and so named El Pacifico, the peaceful one. Unknown to him at the time it covered one third of the earth’s surface and was capable of giving birth to terrible storms and waves unequaled in any other body of water.

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