Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wed 29th July – Thurs30th July
Yesterday was another sea day, all much the same as the other sea days except we see a different show almost every night. I was upgraded from beginners to intermediate Bridge yesterday. Boy it’s a complicated game when learning from the professionals. I hope they use the same system back home where I hope to play Bridge.
Today, Thursday, at sea, which we don’t mind, sort of a day of rest, as tomorrow we arrive in Carbo San Lucas and the forecast is 39 degrees c.

Friday 31st JulyWent to bed last night and it was quite cool but woke up this morning to 26 degrees and rising. Saw a very clever magician last night at the show. The shows last for about an hour and then there is other entertainment if you want to carry on till late. I’m writing this after getting off the boat via tender and going ashore for a couple of hours. Lots of upgrading going on in the town, which is rather pretty and what you might expect a Mexican town to look like. Lots of jewelry shops etc. I was tempted and bought a nice silver ring. Since we hadn’t taken water ashore with us and it was b….. hot, we had a Mexican beer at a waterfront café and it was pretty good and cold. A lot of luxury cruisers in the boat harbour – a real play ground for water sports. There is also another big cruise ship in port as well as ours. The terrain is extremely dry – would probably be a nice place to holiday in the Winter.

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