Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday 1st August
What’s the world coming to? We refrained from going to a show last night – checked out the movies under the stars – not our style, then visited one of the lounges to wait for the next lot of musicians but decided to go home (the cabin) instead. The washing machines were free so I did a little laundry instead. Late in the evening is the best time to go to the laundry as there is usually a queue during the day. There was a bit of a punch up in there one day but it’s pretty safe at night. I’m told that those in the scuffle we put off on an earlier port. We’ve spotted a few flying fish, a turtle and there has been a few whales and dolphins seen by other passengers. The pelicans are dark grey or brown – quite different to the ones we see on the east coast of OZ. We’ve been through a bit of a storm today but the weather is now fine and sunny and about 33 degrees and humid with flat seas. We can see the coast and mountains at a distance as we sail south along the Mexican coast.

Sunday 2nd August
Arrived at Acapulco at sunrise today. It’s already very hot outside on the balcony. Had a leisurely breakfast on Lido deck (the top deck No.14) taking in the view, then a few snaps from the outside deck. Went ashore around 10.00am.
A 9 seater tour bus took us and two other couples on a tour. We watched the young men and boys jumping from the cliff top in the bay. They really do take their lives in their hands when they dive into a very small area of deep water. The driver,Jose, a nice fellow, then drove us to the former home of Johnny Weismuller and John Wayne. I n his broken English, I think he told us that a Mexican boy adopted by one of those two now owns the place and runs it as an hotel. The boy now in his senior years was actually there and was pointed out to us. Quite a lot of other stars have visited and of course there photographs adorn the walls. It’s in a beautiful location, lots of stairs though to get around the grounds. Then we went on to a place made famous by the film “Casa Blanca” which is falling into a state of repair. You can almost feel the buzz that would have been part of it’s life many years ago. It’s now just hired out for weddings etc and a few of the room are apparently still used. It has magnificent views of the city, the bay and the port where the ship is berthed. We were dropped off in the Market square a short walk from the pier. We stopped for a short while just inside the Cathedral in the square, where a service was in progress. The speed limit in this part of the city is 15 miles per hour which is not surprising as there is not a straight level road in the area except for along the foreshore. It’s really quite a pretty place if you don’t look too closely. We didn’t see too many beggars and most people seem to have very modern cars and look pretty fit and healthy. Though we didn’t visit it, they have built what the call the new city a little further along the coast, apparently in the old style. Back to the ship, lunch and a nap before exploring the shops in the terminal building. This city has 3.5 million tourist per year. Time to dress for dinner.

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