Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday 11th September
Well that’s Limassol. The british influence is everywhere except for the shopping. It was just like many of the other ports, old windy streets with heaps of souvenir shops but probably more bargains. We took the shuttle bus into the town area and wandered along some of those narrow streets. The traffic seems to travel one way up each street and on the correct side of the road for a change. Late morning, we sat in one of the tavernas and had coffee and then a beer with another couple from the cruise and people watched for a while. Then we did some more shops before having lunch and a bottle of what we thought would be local red (turned out to be French) at another tavern called “Alo Alo”. The pace here seems rather laid back and they all speak English. There were some tours which went further afield but since I will have an 11 hour tour tomorrow in Egypt we didn’t even consider a tour today. The GD is going to have a lazy day on his own as he has seen the pyramids before. The buses on tour tomorrow will travel in convoy and I’m led to believe we will have armed guards escorting us. Will talk to you again at the Suez.

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