Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hi Nessa,
Yes your emails are coming thru & also the photo's - poor Oscar looks terrible with that haircut - hope he is getting better.Glad that boys are enjoying that sport.
Today we are in Egypt & am sending off a postcard for the boys.It has been stinking hot in the last few ports & today is no different.We are going to have a look around the town for a little bit then head to the beach with Jayne & Warren. We were undecided as to wether to do a tour but after seeing all the tour buses & how late they were in leaving (8.30am instead of 7am) we are glad that we did not as also the trip there & back is 3hrs+. We will probably be late in leaving port tonight.We had an absolutely fabulous time in Rhodes & that made up for the other hiccups. It was such a beautiful city & where we docked was the old town which had a fortress all the way around & the streets were very narrow & cobbledstoned. You MUST email with suggestions for the boys & that info for the watch as we will be in India soon & I can probably pick up some good bargains for the boys there. Also would James like some historical books on Egypt etc.Thats all for nowLove you heaps.PS - have a good time on your holiday.Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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