Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday 26th September - Saturday 3rd October.
Goodness me, a whole week has gone by and I haven’t written a thing. We survived house arrest throughout India with a few insignificant shots from the deck of the ship. We didn’t get off scott free as we were summonsed to the dining room on the third Indian port at 7.45am with about 130 other passengers without visas. They (Indian Immigration) still wanted to compare our faces with our passports and put a stamp on the (the passports that is). A bit of a joke if it wasn’t so annoying and inconvenient. The ship left India on 28th September and then we were at sea from 29th September until our arrival in Phuket on the 2nd of October. We did an easy tour of Phuket, which took in some of the scenic places and of course temples and places to spend your money (not ours). They are mostly Buddhist, nice people and nice surroundings. Our tour didn’t take in the beaches that would have been nice.
Today, Langkowi, Malaysia. We took a tour visiting various places of interest, including museums etc.. It seemed it was a busy weekend for weddings, passing no less than 4 villages where a marriage was taking place and according to our guide, everyone from the village is a guest. The monkeys were very visible along the road in some places. We were unsure if our bus was going to make the journey as the first hill almost saw us rolling backwards. It was a little tired and not long for buss world, we think but it got there and back again with great difficulty on relatively small hills. We both thought the most interesting place we visited was the rice museum, a small working rice paddy and processing museum. The scenery is very pretty here with the coastline dotted with small islands. We left Langkowi at about 4.30 this afternoon and now cruising towards Klang, the port for Kuala Lumpur. Since we have spent some time in KL (about 60kg from port of Klang) before and have seen the places on the list of tours, we plan to spend a part of the day in Klang after a restful morning on the ship. We’ve seen the usual good quality entertainment in the past week but taking a night off tonight to recoup. These shore days are quite tiring for an old couple like us.

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