Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday 4th October
Shopping shoes – sorry those were the first two words which came to mind as I sat down to write this entry. The GD earned a few brownie points today as he patiently waited for Gemini to explore the shoe shops at Klang. Since we have been to KL a couple of times and as it’s a long way from the port of Klang we opted to take the shuttle bus into the relatively new shopping centre at Klang instead of going all the way to KL. It met all my expectations and after a nice lunch (randang for the GD and ginger chicken for me) we returned to the ship – carrying 3 pairs of new shoes, mine of course. It appears that sometime in the not too distant past, a lot of money was invested in Klang which is still waiting for a return. There are a lot of relatively new buildings standing empty between the port and the town. The weather has been kind to us again and although it was cloudy it didn’t rain. We cruise through the straits of Malaca tonight and should arrive in Singapore at about 7am tomorrow

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