Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fynbo Danish style Cheese

6 litter Milk next time use 8 litter for the Square Mould
Calcium Chloride
¼ cup of Thickened Cream
Italian Parmesan couture
Flora Danica culture
Thermofilic Couture 092
¼ teaspoon Lipase
1 tablespoon Salt
For Caraway cheese 2 tablespoons , boiled in water for 10 minutes
Then added the seed and waterto the maturing milk
Vegetable Rennet cut after 1 hour slowly elevate temp to 100F over 20 minutes stir occasionally
Then elevate temp to 124F over the next 20 minutes, stir often!!!
Leave at 124F for 5 minutes before straining the curd in a cheese cloth then mix in the salt
Before placing in to the square mould
2 kg pressure for 15 minutes
Redress! 5 kg 30minutes
Redress! 10 kg foe 1 hour
Redress! 11 kg for 12 hours
Please in salt brine for 24 – 36 hours
Then dab dry and air dried at room temp for 3 days
If not dried for waxing after 4 days
Place before the fan and dry before waxing
Age for 12 – 14 weeks, longer for stronger taste

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