Sunday, August 1, 2010

I have made a wider cheese press mainly for a bigger wheal like for the Parmesan that I have made this week, Italian Parmigiana Reggiano style, it will have to be aged at least 10 months, so I will make an other one in about 4 months time and so on to keep us in Parmesan cheese, by the time that I waxed the cheese it all ready had the charicturistic of a Parmesan smell to it, I am very pleased!!!!
I have had the Parmesan cheese on the drying rach for 5 days, and not drying, we have had weather with 95% humidity so I resorted to sit it in front of a slow fan, that worked!!!

we had a visit from GJT and AT., from Hervey Bay earlier this week, they both are connoisseur of Blue cheese, we had a little test of the NZ Danish Blue, and the flavour and colour was there, I will let it sit an other 3 weeks before I cut it into wadges and wrap in foil for the final aging.
The Blue vain is a great success!!!, I was told by David at Green Living that it is extremely difficult to make a Blue vain cheese successfully, it took his wife 3 years to perfect the process?

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