Monday, October 11, 2010

I was kindly asked over for Sunday Lunch at Patrick & Merilyn on Sunday.

P & M started growing vegetable for the first time ever, earlier this year,
Pat build a table height bed and a lover bed early Autumn, it didn't take them long to get the soil and plants in after the beds was build.

Gemini and I have made a couple of visits to experience the progress, the garden beds has been a great success and regular harvest has taken place with much pleasure for both P & M. also Merilyn has branched out to some smaller pots as well.

Merilyn has been growing Orchids for many years with a results that would make many a hobbyists growers envious.

As well Pat & Merilyn have a quiet a collection of Bonsais that they attend to on a regularly basis.

As one would presume, the growing of veggies would not have been all that difficult to get started.

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